Nov 7, 2011

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      Who inspired me to start Jammin


I would like to share with you my Husbands weight loss Journey and why pure honey has become a big part of our diet.

My name is Mike,
I would like to share my weight loss journey and my personal experience with Diabetes, processed sugars and Honey.
I was first diagnosed with Diabetes in 2004, had a A1c of over 8.4 the doctor wanted to start me on a insulin regimen which I immediately refused. Over the course of the next 8 years I was able to prove to myself and the doctors that I could control my disease with a strict diet if I chose to do so, to be honest most of the time I chose not.
I have fought an almost endless battle with obesity.
My journey began on the morning of November 7th, 2011, I had been feeling poorly for a few months prior to this day, in the back of my mind I had a good idea as to why, but I continued to ignore the warning signs. On the morning of the 7th it came to a point that I could no longer ignore, so I reluctantly decided to check my blood sugar and at no surprise to me it was 385, my suspicion was correct. As I sat there looking at my glucose meter and thinking to myself that this could no longer be ignored, I decided that I had two options, one was to continue down this road I was on with this deadly and debilitating disease deciding my fate for me or I could change my life and fight this face to face, I chose to fight.
I am proud to say I'm coming up on my two year anniversary and I have lost a total 165 pounds. My last A1c was under 5, I am no longer considered a diabetic, all of this was achieved with proper diet and exercise and removing all processed sugar.
 Pure Maine Honey is my only source of sweetener I use, it does not affect my glucose, this one of many reasons I choose it as a sweetener.
 My wife has created many delicious recipes using honey and with it's great taste and my success, I would have to say, I'm the person who inspired  her to start Jammin.